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Recorded live on an 8 track Reel to reel November 2013 in Studio Woodside outside of Stockholm, Sweden.


released November 26, 2014

MSassner, MÖberg, JOderstad, PThorngren,



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Feather Revs Sweden

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Track Name: Control
im about to loose control, think i like it
im all about to feel your soul, in case you want it

im about to let you if you want it
for im about to let you in for always

come tell me now the scenes you´d love, come tell me im the only one
cause im the one you´ve waited on, to heal your heart and give you one

to be the one to take you on-all for love and on the run
so come be the one to take me on-all for love and on the run
Track Name: Misty X
come see me now, i see you now, im on the run love
to get you on, get you one, high in in a love
come feel the love, come feel my love, and get it on in ways of us

lets turn it on to a state unknown-and get along in a darkroom
lets turn it on for a state unknown-and get along in a darkroom

the falling of the feeling of, the high when you're around
to get away to get lost-now following your eyes
come feel the love, come feel the love-and get upon the waves of love
now come feel the love, come feel my love, and try hard to get some
Track Name: Utero
see you inside the shade as you shine down in the dungeon haze,
with the beat to get the way, get you close get out and make a change,

wanna fight the night and make it to a utero
here to fight the night and make it to a utero

within waves to let you know, of the force you bring to go for more,
for the times we ought to know-c´mon in c´mon in and shine once more,
Track Name: And After All
heavy head falls to the ground, as you enter and tremble my mind,
kick it off along the gutters I´ve been heading on,
to tell you the meaning, but time is what I stumble on

and after all you´re still the one I wanna hold
get high and all with rainbows to follow
I need you now, to give and get me out of lies
now its time for us, to go all in - lets get louder now

just believe in now, and how we´ll make it if we try
Track Name: Forevermore
she came into forevermore, she didn't leave me any choice but follow
the scene she set in flowers glow, to take me on within a storm and let go

in a slow motion to gather into one
and rise from getting all worn out and numb
just like gazing, like gazing at the sun,
i step inside my soul to see you come around

the feeling the feeling to feel all surreal, and enlightened by your pure serene, to feel

now where is your heart
Track Name: Roller
with this beating heart, still going on keeping head from getting numb,
and your wild eyes, to get calm inside and a reason to get by.

dark and dreamy, psychedelically soothing,hopefully moving on
an outerspace tour in this waterfall, wanna try to give you all

and get lost sometime for the way to know what you're heading along for
so come let us thrive, with spirits high for these velvet morning suns.
Track Name: Lub Dub
on this winding road towards awakening
on and on through another daily shaking
with tensions, torn from a past now fading
for brighter skies through your eyes to get within

and go riding-with the wind
for finding-whats meant to be
so come right here-for some time to feel and sail soft with the force to carry on

in these undecided ways to give in
for a thrill and something new to believe in
with the presence of lights shimmering
for the pleasure of the night now beginning

the sun is on the way
so come let us be
the sun is on the way
lets get into shape/shade
the sun is on the way
now come back and stay
the sun is on the way
don't give up this sway